The Brain Tumour Charity

The work we do

The Brain Tumour Charity is the leading brain tumour charity in the UK. We fund scientific and clinical research into brain tumour and offer information and support to those affected, whilst raising awareness and influencing policy. Our aim is to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours.

Since we were established in 1996 we have invested over £8million in world class research. We are the largest dedicated brain tumour charity in the UK.

The Research

Over £500 million is spent on cancer research in the UK every year, yet less than 2% is spent on brain tumours.

As the largest dedicated funder of brain tumour research in the UK, we are the experts in this area. World class research is at the heart of everything we do; it informs the information and support, the awareness and the policy that we deliver.

We are the only brain tumour charity to fund research through a fair, open and transparent process called peer review, and the only one to be a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities.

Our current research grants include:

  • Clinical trials to test new treatments and procedures
  • The Samantha Dickson Brain Cancer Unit at University College London, the first dedicated research laboratory of its kind in the UK
  • A wide range of research projects across the UK making breakthroughs in understanding, diagnosing and treating brain tumours.

SAving Lives through research, Information, Awarness and Policy

The Information and Support

The Brain Tumour Charity can provide you with the expert information you need. We can provide information and support for adult and paediatric brain tumours of all types and grades, and on any aspects of living with a brain tumour, from dealing with diagnosis, the impact of treatment, travel insurance to preparing for the end of life.

Our website contains a wealth of information, including factsheets and stories from brain tumour patients and experts. We also hold Information Days across the UK, giving people living with a brain tumour the chance to hear from world class experts including neuro-surgeons, researchers and psychologists.

The Awareness

Our campaigns focus on specific brain tumour issues. We are able to measure the impact of our work and see a difference for people living with a brain tumour and the thousands more diagnosed each year.

Our current campaign is HeadSmart: be brain tumour aware. The campaign aims to reduce the diagnosis for childhood brain tumours through raising awareness and knowledge of the signs and symptoms. This will reduce long-term disabilities and ultimately save children’s lives.

The Policy

We never miss an opportunity to ensure that the voices of those affected by a brain tumour, including the 25 people diagnosed with a brain tumour every day, are heard.

Our policy work is led by people who have been affected and we focus on issues that impact on people’s lives. We are a founding member of the Brain Tumour Consortium, which brings together brain tumour charities to enable a more powerful voice.

We attend and organise many policy events, including the All Party Parliamentary Group on brain tumours and parliamentary lobbies.