2013 Shaun Lee Johnstone Multi-Terrain 10

A great race today, the sun was shinning and a full rainbow straddled the course. Wonderful to see so many familiar faces, old friends and to welcome new runners to the race. Check back over the next week for a full race review and photographs.  But we thought you would want to see the results as soon as possible.

Congratulations to the winners for setting new course records.  2013 Full race results

1 291 Ian Fisher M40 Otley 0:58:17
2 227 Lee Dalton M16 Nidd Valley Road Runners 1:00:59
3 244 Dean Newton M16 Quakers Running Club 1:02:34
4 173 Andrew Dobby M40 Harrogate Harriers AC 1:03:10
5 233 Nicolene Van Staden F16 Swaledale Road Runners 1:04:48
6 279 Charles Hazlerigg M16 Unattached 1:06:39
7 310 Jake Turnbull M16 Harrogate 1:07:15
8 221 Derek Parrington M40 Swaledale Road Runners 1:07:18
9 171 Neil Bowmer M40 Swaledale Road Runners 1:07:53
10 181 Andrew Fletcher M50 Swaledale Road Runners 1:08:03

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