Race Day Demonstrations – come and try the Grid Foam Roller


Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to some of our friends, who will be supporting the Shaun Lee Johnstone 10 on 20 October. The first is Suzanne Morrison a qualified FITPRO registered professional Personal and Group Fitness Trainer who will be with us to demonstrate how runners can really benefit from using The Grid Foam Roller.

81kBaNaGW+L._SL1500_Suzanne trains many runners in the local area. She is an inspiration. Her teaching, knowledge and ability to motivate ensure great results and enjoyment. Come along on race day to meet her and see her demonstrate Triggerpoint – The Grid Foam Roller.

The Grid Foam Roller – Features Distrodensity™ Zones and Matrix Technology to mimic the feel of a human hand for a deep tissue massage.

71tRv+95n5L._SL1500_You can take foam rolling to a whole new level with The Grid Foam Roller.  The Grid Foam Roller has been designed for people of all sporting abilities: from long distance runners, endurance athletes and yoga and gym enthusiasts  to professional sportsmen and women. The Grid Foam Roller combines a comprehensive core body strength workout with a soft tissue massage as a result of the revolutionary Matrix and Distrodensity Zones. So whether you want to massage your quads, lats, or lower back or achieve a killer core body workout the grid foam roller is ideal.

81PgWtaJr6L._SL1500_With a Grid Foam Roller you can achieve a comprehensive core body workout, you can use it to challenge core muscles – crunches to bicycles to pushups. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily workout routines and it is light, compact and easy to travel with – so you can workout anywhere. So come down and have a go. Donations will go to the Shaun Lee Johnstone Fund.

61gOExKVaXL._SL1000_ 81PgWtaJr6L._SL1500_ 61qNKSkzk6L._SL1000_You can contact Suzanne The Studio, Front Street, YO51 9ES Aldborough, North Yorkshire 07832 133389


Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm


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