Jumping the ditch was the best part of the race…

Hallo Ray!

What a cracking race. I’ve missed the last two (think I was driving daughter Hannah to or from London on at least one of the days), so it was great to do it again this year. I’m not sure what time I got, but I don’t think it was that quick as I did the Stray Park Run yesterday and had a bit of a cold, but for once, I don’t care. I just loved the chance to race across such multi-terrain in the mist, especially the really wet, muddy and boggy bits! I do like the course too, especially the way it goes round the farm a couple of times. The support we runners get from spectators there is great – and the marshalls were all very friendly and vocal too. Please pass on my thanks to them.

What makes it such a good race though, is your very good self (and this is the only time I’m going to say any nice things about you!) There’s a really personal, laid-back fun and friendly feel to the race, which is down to you. It must be an emotive day for you, and there must be moments amongst all the fun we runners are having when you think of Shaun. All I can say is that he’d be very proud of his dad, the way you’ve taken something so personal, so painful and tragic, and turned your loss into an event which brings so many folk so much pleasure – and of course, which raises a heck of a lot of money to help stop other dads suffering like you have. You really are an inspiration, Ray.

Mind you, once you’re back racing there’ll be no kind words from me to you at all!

So thank you very much once again. Put your feet up and have a beer tonight. You’ve well and truly earned it!


PS Re-instate the ditch crossing on the return leg too! Jumping into it was the best part of the race!


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